Creation of the Microservices Community

Odense, Denmark • Oct 30, 2017

During the discussion panels at Microservices 2017, participants recognised the importance of constituting a communal place where international people from research institutions, private companies, universities, and public organisations (like municipalities) can share knowledge and foster collaborations about microservices.

Prompted by this observation, the organisers of Microservices 2017 in ACP put forward the initiative of Microservices Community, with the support of SDU.

The main activities of the initiative comprise:

  • the organise the International Conference on Microservices once a year (, which acts also as a recurring opportunity for the physical gathering of the community;

  • supporting the organisation of focused events on microservices. Examples include: technical workshops on industrial technologies, national meetings (like the Italian Meeting on Microservices), and academic forums;

  • providing funding opportunities for travelling and the organisation of events in general;

  • publishing open access material on microservices, either through the website as informal publications (white papers), or through more formal channels (like edited books with chapters from multiple authors, or journals);

  • provide resources for the digital platform of the community, including this website.

Several institutions and companies quickly joined the young yet growing community.