How do we attract the best brains? Fabrizio Montesi invited expert at Robotics Technology Conference

Odense, Denmark • Sep 13, 2018

On September 13th, Fabrizio Montesi joined a panel of experts at the Robotics Technology Conference on the topic “How do we attract the best brains?”. The panel discussed how to create better conditions for the attraction and the integration of international talents in Denmark.

Our group is very involved in the attraction of talented students and, later, in helping with their recruitment at the best IT companies that Odense and Denmark have to offer. For more information, see the SDU Talent Fellowship. An international environment is an incredible asset for both locals and foreigners, something that we are very much proud of at our Department. Part trade fair and part meeting venue, The Robotics Technology Conference is a platform where interested companies and people can get concrete knowledge on business opportunities and on the proliferation of digitization, automation, and robotics technology in industry.